Learn about this mysterious sludge factory and get out. Please tell me if the game is too easy/hard :)


W - Jump

A - Left

D - Right

Shift - Crouch

Left Mouse Button - Shoot

R - Restart game

M - Mute music

Game for Wowie Jam 2.
The theme was intentional bugs. I didn't really add anything that was a bug intentionally i just left bugs that appeared on their own. For example the player bobbing up and down is a bug. It was supposed to bob only when you jump. The jumping is also a bug. At first i made it so you can jump very high, but at some random point in time it just stopped working so i left it like that.


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I like the style you are going here with the 'hardcore' platformer.
I couldn't complete the whole game but what I saw was quite good.
Especially the flying enemies in the second level felt really good.

Some takeaways where you could improve:
- The platfroming felt a bit floaty/ slippery. In my experience when I land and try to stand still the character still moves a bit further. Responsive controls are really important in harder platformers.
- Maybe add a smaller easier level at the beginning. The first level already felt pretty hard for the start.
- The intentional bugs were sometimes a bit hard to spot. I think players wouldn't know what they need to do, as from a visual side there is small to no indication.

For a jam entry this is a great job you did.
Keep it on.

Yea i just didnt have much time and i thought people will see the key and keyhole and know what to do. The floatyness is from the animation, because the animation actually changes the players height so it moves you. 

Ah I see. Is this intentional ?
Otherwise you could make the visual part of the player into a child object whose parent object is for the physics.


Hello !

I have successfull finished your game !

I really like the combination of Platformer, Parkour and Puzzle. 

Definetely fits the Jam's Theme and wish  you good luck !

I would also appriaciate review on my title https://daleski.itch.io/bolty

Thanks for the review! The enemies are supposed to be top-down but i guess in a platformer they look like flying. I will check out your game when i get home.


I like the feel of the game when you shoot.

However, I couldn't complete it since I couldn't jump over some of the obstacles. I don't think leaving unintentional bugs is a good way to make a game with this theme. I got down to the key, but then I couldn't get up again.

The player animation looks kind of cool though!

Thank you! I think i know where you got stuck. I tried to remove all the spots that were really tricky. You can double jump and there are secret invisible doors you can go through for a faster path. The bugs i left turned into the main features. They arent glitchy or anything.